Hotel overview

屏幕快照 2015-08-29 15.32.04.pngChangbai Mountain, located in Antu County of Yanbian State andFusong County of Baishan City in JilinProvince, is one of the "Top TenMountains". The Immense Forest, Snow Mountain, Tianchi,Rare Animals and Bird, as well as theNortheast Culture there are fascinating and yearning. At the magical and beautiful foot of Changbai Mountain,whether your visit is leisure vacation or business meeting, you can enjoy thethoughtful service and the perfect supportingfacilities of HORIZON RESORT & SPA, CHANGBAI MOUNTAINwillgive you leave a wonderful trip.


HORIZON RESORT & SPA, CHANGBAI MOUNTAIN covers an area of 9.2 hectares, is located in the west slope of Changbai Mountain, is only 5 minutes’ drivefrom the airport, 15 minutes away from the Tianchi scenic area of the western slopes, and one hour's drive from theentranceof the southern and northern slopes scenic area, is the gateway to the hub of scenic spots ofChangbai Mountain. The Resort is 9 km away from thewest area skiing park and 18 kilometers from Wanda skiing park, which is very convenient for you to go for skiing.


The resort possesses275 Nordic style luxury rooms, 3 distinctive theme restaurants, as well as 6 meeting rooms and a ballroom with the total area of 1200 square meters. It also offers a variety of outdoor recreation projects, especially the nearly 40 minutescliff walk of forest wood path, it just like to change the thousands areas ofChangbai Mountain forest into the guest's gardens. There opened a forest road and boardwalk around the resort, the guests can to walk freely in the boreal forests.


The resort is surrounded by water, and near the source of Songhua River, so the guests can enjoy rafting all over the year. In this "Nordic town", which surrounded by dense jungle and hidden in the original forest,the clever combination of magnificentmountainandquiet lakeis appreciated, and leave you the wonderful travel memories!


The design ofthe three ice room in Changbai Mountain Tianyu Resortis different. One is bright, with alarge round table fortwelve people, the legs of the table is made of crystal clear ice, even the dishes on the table are filled in all shapes of ice plate, and is particularly suitable for reunion dinner of hot pot; the second room layout of a warm romanticatmosphere, ladybug climbing birch, ocean waves gracefully flowing in the ice house dome, and isan excellent choicefor romantic lovers' dinner or friends and family reunion,; another room is an ice room display, according to the reveal, Changbai MountainTianyu Resort is upcoming an ice room project.